Spencer Whitney

| | Australian National University

Associate Professor Spencer Whitney teaches at the College of Medicine, Biology and Environment at Australian National University. He received his BS in Botany, Biochemistry and Chemistry and his Ph.D. at James Cook University. He has earned multiple awards for his work including: the Goldacre Award in 2002 from the Australian Society of Plant Scientists and an International Photosynthesis Congress Young Scientist Award in 2004. His work has been published in the PNAS, Plant Cell and several other journals. Spencer is an international leader in engineering Rubisco in the chloroplast through chloroplast transformation. His research focuses on utilizing novel biotechnological tools to scrutinize the biology of the biospheres most abundant protein, the photosynthetic CO2-fixing enzyme Rubisco. The research provides training in molecular biology, protein engineering (directed evolution), enzyme kinetics, biochemistry, plastome transformation, tissue culture, measuring leaf photosynthesis and plant growth.