Wanne Kromdijk

| | University of Illinois

Postdoc Wanne Kromdijk is a researcher at the University of Illinois. He earned his BS and MS in Plant Sciences from Wageningen University and received his Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge. His work has been published in Plant Physiology, Plant, Cell and Environment as well as the Journal of Experimental Botany. Wanne is a plant physiologist specializing in CO2 fixation and stable isotope discrimination. He has previously looked at photosynthetic efficiency in C4 grass species maize and Miscanthus x giganteus. In his current role he is trying to improve photosynthesis of C3 crops by means of transgenic alterations in non-photochemical quenching and leaf internal conductance. His work involves DNA recombination, plant transformation and subsequent molecular, biochemical and whole crop physiological phenotyping in the laboratory and field.