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Emergency Contact List

The RIPE project is actively monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic and is committed to ensuring the safety and welfare of our team members. Each team member is encouraged to comply with their institutions' policies. Our administration recognizes the need to safeguard our team without compromising our groundbreaking research. Below we have outlined the chain of command for various people and duties that are central to the project.

Ainsworth, Lisa Principal Investigator (217) 265-9887 Don Ort Steve Long
Altschuler, Mitchell IP Manager (217) 265-6325 Steve Long Lisa Emerson
Balasubramaniam, Kumar Plant  Transformation Manager N/A Mike Root Tracy Brown
Barnes, Bruce Office Manager (217) 244-1705 Josh Capili Melissa Geese
Benjamin, Claire Communications Coordinator (217) 244-0941 Amanda Nguyen Lisa Emerson
Brown, Tracy Plant Transformation Assistant N/A Mike Root Kumar Balasubramaniam
Capili, Josh RIPE Project Manager (217) 300-6901 Lisa Emerson Bruce Barnes
Chan, Cindy Database Manager / Postdoc (217) 300-1314 Lisa Emerson Claire Benjamin
Drag, David Field Trials Manager (815) 252-9894 Ben Harbaugh Ben Thompson
Edquilang, Ron Experiment Manager N/A Ben Thompson Ben Harbaugh
Emerson, Lisa RIPE Senior Project Manager (217) 333-9107 Josh Capili Melissa Geese
Geese, Melissa Office Manager (217) 300-6199 Josh Capili Bruce Barnes
Harbaugh, Ben Greenhouse Manager (217) 714-8513 David Drag Ben Thompson
Li, Yun Project Manager (217) 300-6086 Lisa Emerson Josh Capili
Long, Steve RIPE Director (217) 244-0881 Don Ort Lisa Emerson
Nguyen, Amanda Communications Specialist N/A Claire Benjamin Lisa Emerson
Ort, Don RIPE Deputy Director (217) 333-2093 Steve Long Lisa Ainsworth
Root, Mike Experiment Manager N/A Tracy Brown Kumar Balasubramaniam
Thompson, Ben Field/Greenhouse Technician N/A Ron Edquilang Ben Harbaugh