Mary Machingura

| | Louisiana State University

Postdoc Mary Machingura works at Louisiana State University as a researcher. Prior to her current appointment, she did research for the Plant Food Safety Project at Southern Illinois University, where she received her Ph.D. for Plant Biology. She earned her BS in Agriculture and Natural Resources at Africa University, and went on to get her MS at the Wageningen University and Research Centre. Her work has appeared in Plant Science, Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, and other scientific journals. Mary’s research is focused on improving crops for drought tolerance and investigating hormonal control in abiotic stress response. The lab she belongs to will be looking into finding and encoding genes of proteins that enhance carbon dioxide delivery to Rubisco. If successful, it will help to improve carbon dioxide fixation in green algae. The lab will also make genetic constructs using algal transporter genes for cloning into higher plants, and will also aid in the phenotypic assessment of transformed plants for improved CO2 assimilation.