Susanne von Caemmerer

| | Australian National University

Professor Susanne von Caemmerer is a Professor of Molecular Plant Physiology at the Research School of Biology at The Australian National University. She is also a member of the Australian Academy of Science and the German Academy of Science, also known as Leopoldina. Susanne received her BA in Pure Mathematics and her Ph.D. in Plant Physiology from Australian National University. She has published over 150 studies in journals like Planta and Plant Physiology. Susanne’s research focuses on photosynthesis and stomatal function, with an emphasis on the mathematical modeling of the carbon acquisition of plants, the biochemistry of carbon dioxide fixation and regulation of carbon dioxide diffusion in leaves. She has developed models of carbon acquisition in both C3 and C4 plants. Her models of these biological processes on a leaf level provide the basis for predicting the responses of canopies, fields and the whole biosphere to environmental changes are widely used.