Stéphane Gabilly

| | University of California, Berkeley

Postdoc Stéphane Gabilly is a Fellow at the University of California, Berkeley, in the Plant and Microbial Biology Department. He received his BS in biochemistry from the University of Claude Bernard Lyon I in France and he received his Ph.D. from Ohio State University. Stéphane’s expertise includes Chlamydomonas and yeast genetics, molecular genetics, molecular biology and biochemistry. His Ph.D. work led to the discovery of a disulfide-reducing pathway required for plastid cytochrome c biogenesis, the first evidence that redox chemistry is a controlled process in the thylakoid lumen. His contribution to the RIPE project aims to optimize photosynthesis by altering non-photochemical quenching, a mechanism by which plants dissipate potentially harmful excess light energy, with the objective of increasing crop yields for rice and cassava.