Mitchell Altschuler

| | University of Illinois

Mitchell Altschuler, the RIPE Intellectual Property Officer works to identify and extract university inventions related to increasing photosynthetic efficiency in plants.  At the same time, he also ensures that any IP protection is in a manner consistent with ensuring global access for low and middle-income economies.  Mitchell most recently served as the Energy Biosciences Institute (EBI), IP manager at Cal Berkeley (Cal) for seven years. This position involved coordinating IP from not only Cal, but IP contributions from two other institutions as well, and included Lawrence Berkeley Labs and the University of Illinois.  Before working at EBI, Mitchell was an Intellectual Asset Manager and IP manager for both Cargill Incorporated, and the University of Minnesota.  He has MS and PhD from SUNY Albany in biology, and was a tenured faculty member in biology at Northern Illinois University for over 10 years.