Sunlight filtering through upper layers of the corn canopy.

RIPE researchers determine chloroplast size unlikely option for improving photosynthetic efficiency

Chloroplast size affects photosynthetic efficiency in many ways, but is the current size optimal? A group of RIPE researchers have found, for the first time, that chloroplast size manipulations are unlikely to be an option for increasing crop photosynthetic efficiency.

Seven green soybean pods hang on a stem.

Unveiling the secrets of green pods: The role of soybean pods and seeds in photosynthesis

A team from the university of Illinois has discovered why soybean pods are green. They play a vital role in the plant’s photosynthetic process and significantly contribute to soybean yield!

Yield return due to improved photosynthesis is highly impacted by seasonal climate variability, graph proving it

RIPE researchers model ‘link’ between improved photosynthesis and increased yield

A team from the University of Illinois has modeled improving photosynthesis through enzyme modification and simulated soybean growth with realistic climate conditions, determining to what extent the improvements in photosynthesis could result in increased yields.

Steve Long (left) TED 2023 Possibility April 17-21 Steve Long Crop Sustainability Scientist

RIPE Director Long to speak at TED2023 - POSSIBILITY

RIPE Director Steve Long has been announced as a speaker for TED2023: POSSIBILITY later this month.

Long will present his work on hacking photosynthesis to feed the world and tackle climate change.


Katherine Meacham takes a reading on a box-like device in front of a corn field.

Meacham-Hensold hired as RIPE’s first Scientific Program Manager

RIPE has hired Katherine Meacham-Hensold as its first Scientific Program Manager. Meacham-Hensold will lead the coordination of RIPE’s field trials and plant transformation activities, manage the compilation of regular research updates, and serve as a liaison between RIPE and Bill & Melinda Gates Agricultural Innovations, in addition to continuing to conduct her own research.

Soybean leaves in circles around a light.

RIPE researchers put plant protein mechanism into bacteria to help move forward 50 years of effort

ANU researchers have added components of plant chloroplasts to bacteria. This feat, 50 years in the making, allows them to analyze the proteins in greater detail in order to improve Rubisco, and eventually photosynthesis!