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DOI: 10.1093/jxb/erad049

Dynamic responses of carbon assimilation and stomatal conductance in the future climate

Amanda De Souza


Food insecurity is rising around the globe. The understanding of crop responses to the future climate will define strategies to guarantee crop adaptation and increased productivity. Photosynthesis is a key biological process that determines crop productivity. It is largely affected by atmospheric CO2 concentration ([CO2]) as well as by many other environmental factors such as temperature and water availability. All these factors are expected to change or become more variable in the future climate. The photosynthetic responses to the elevation of atmospheric [CO2] have been overwhelmingly focused on steady-state conditions, but crops are rarely grown under such environments. Wall et al. (2023) explore morphological and dynamic behavioral stomata responses, and their relationship with carbon assimilation during changes in light intensity under elevated [CO2].

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