Background Publications


Redesigning photosynthesis to sustainably meet global food and bioenergy demand

Donald R. Ort, Sabeeha S. Merchant, Jean Alric, Alice Barkan, Robert E. Blankenship, Ralph Bock, Roberta Croce, Maureen R. Hanson, Julian M. Hibberd, Stephen P. Long, Thomas A. Moore, James Moroney, Krishna K. Niyogi



Multigene manipulation of photosynthetic carbon assimilation increases CO2 fixation and biomass yield in tobacco

Andrew J. Simkin, Lorna McAusland, Lauren R. Headland, Tracy Lawson and Christine A. Raines

Journal of Experimental Botany


Plant science: Towards turbocharged photosynthesis

G. Dean Price and Susan M. Howitt



A faster Rubisco with potential to increase photosynthesis in crops

Myat T. Lin, Alessandro Occhialini, P. John Andralojc, Martin A. J. Parry & Maureen R. Hanson



The cyanobacterial CCM as a source of genes for improving photosynthetic CO2 fixation in crop species

Price, G. Dean; Pengelly, Jasper J. L.; Forster, Britta; Du, Jiahui; Whitney, Spencer M.; von Caemmerer, Susanne; Badger, Murray R.; Howitt, Susan M.; Evans, John R.

Journal of Experimental Botany

Corn Crop

Rubisco activity and regulation as targets for crop improvement

Parry, Martin A. J.; Andralojc, P. John; Scales, Joanna C.; Salvucci, Michael E.; Carmo-Silva, A. Elizabete; Alonso, Hernan; Whitney, Spencer M.

Journal of Experimental Botany


Elements of a dynamic systems model of canopy photosynthesis

Zhu, Xin-Guang; Song, Qingfeng; Ort, Donald R.

Current Opinion in Plant Biology


A critical review on the improvement of photosynthetic carbon assimilation in C-3 plants using genetic engineering

Ruan, Cheng-Jiang; Shao, Hong-Bo; da Silva, Jaime A. Teixeira

Critical Reviews in Biotechnology


Manipulation of Photoprotection to Improve Plant Photosynthesis

Murchie, Erik H.; Niyogi, Krishna K.

Plant Physiology


Food security: increasing yield and improving resource use efficiency

Parry, Martin A. J.; Hawkesford, Malcolm J.

Proceedings of The Nutrition Society


Improving Photosynthetic Efficiency for Greater Yield

Zhu, Xin-Guang; Long, Stephen P.; Ort, Donald R.

Annual Review Of Plant Biology


Prospects for increasing photosynthesis by overcoming the limitations of Rubisco

Parry, M. A. J.; Madgwick, P. J.; Carvalho, J. F. C.; Andralojc, P. J.

Journal of Agricultural Science


Proposed carbon dioxide concentrating mechanism in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

Moroney, James V.; Ynalvez, Ruby A.

Eukaryotic Cell


The environmental plasticity and ecological genomics of the cyanobacterial CO2 concentrating mechanism

Badger, MR; Price, GD; Long, BM; Woodger, FJ

Journal of Experimental Botany


Can improvement in photosynthesis increase crop yields?

Long, SP; Zhu, XG; Naidu, SL; Ort, DR

Plant Cell and Environment


Is PsbS the site of non-photochemical quenching in photosynthesis?

Niyogi, KK; Li, XP; Rosenberg, V; Jung, HS

Journal of Experimental Botany


Crop transformation and the challenge to increase yield potential

Sinclair, TR; Purcell, LC; Sneller, CH

Trends in Plant Science


Enhanced photosynthesis and growth of transgenic plants that express ictB, a gene involved in HCO3- accumulation in cyanobacteria

Lieman-Hurwitz, J; Rachmilevitch, S; Mittler, R; Marcus, Y; Kaplan, A

Plant Biotechnology Journal


The Calvin cycle revisited

Raines, CA

Photosynthesis Research


Manipulation of Rubisco: the amount, activity, function and regulation

Parry, MAJ; Andralojc, PJ; Mitchell, RAC; Madgwick, PJ; Keys, AJ

Journal of Experimental Botany


CO2 concentrating mechanisms in cyanobacteria: molecular components, their diversity and evolution

Badger, MR; Price, GD

Journal of Experimental Botany


Evolution and diversity of CO2 concentrating mechanisms in cyanobacteria

Badger, MR; Hanson, D; Price, GD

Functional Plant Biology


Form I Rubiscos from non-green algae are expressed abundantly but not assembled in tobacco chloroplasts

Whitney, SM; Baldett, P; Hudson, GS; Andrews, TJ

Plant Journal


Non-photochemical quenching. A response to excess light energy

Muller, P; Li, XP; Niyogi, KK

Plant Physiology


Avenues for genetic modification of radiation use efficiency in wheat

Reynolds, MP; van Ginkel, M; Ribaut, JM

Journal of Experimental Botany

Wheat Grass

Investigating the role of the thiol-regulated enzyme sedoheptulose-1,7-bisphosphatase in the control of photosynthesis

Raines, CA; Harrison, EP; Olcer, H; Lloyd, JC

Physiologia Plantarum