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Miss our Crawford Fund Medals Presentation? Now available with Dr Brian Keating and Dr TJ Higgins

The Crawford Fund recently celebrated their Medal Awardees from 2020 and 2021, Dr. Brian Keating and Dr. TJ Higgins for their enduring contribution to global food security.

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Beyond the basics of photosynthesis

New research shows that slow adjustment of crops to changes in light could be reducing yields by 15% to 20%.

By: Sierra Day || Prairie Farmer

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How we can adapt plants to save our planet

In their Follow the Food episode, BBC World News features the RIPE project and our central mission in addressing food insecurity.

By: James Wong || BBC World News

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RIPE Director Steve Long Announced as Expertscape’s ‘World Expert’ in Climate Processes

RIPE Director Stephen P. Long was announced as Expertscape’s World Expert in Climate Processes, placing him in the top 0.1% of scholars writing about Climatic Processes over the past 10 years.

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RIPE Scientist Tracy Lawson Announced as New Vice President of the SEB

The Society for Experimental Biology recently announced that Dr. Tracy Lawson has been appointed as the new Vice President of the SEB. 

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OVER THE COLES: Dynamic photosynthesis model simulates 10-20 percent yield increase

A team from the University of Illinois has developed a model that treats photosynthesis as a dynamic process rather than an activity that either is or is not happening.

By: Clint Walker || Journal Gazette & Times-Courier 

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ORHS grad's research might boost food production

Kris Niyogi, an Oak Ridge High School graduate, led more than 10 years of research at Berkeley, Calif., that resulted in explanations of how green plants protect themselves from excess sunlight. The work earned him election in 2016 to the National Academy of Sciences. 

By: Carolyn Krause || The Oak Ridger

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FUTURE-MINDS-QB to increase participation from underrepresented groups in biomedical data science and quantitative biology

The FUTURE-MINDS-QB program will provide rigorous training, a nurturing environment, and academic and professional mentorship for students from underrepresented ethnic, racial, and gender groups in quantitative biology and biomedical data sciences.

By: Siv Schwink || The Grainger College of Engineering Physics

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New facilities support photosynthesis studies

Last year, researchers focused on improving yields by enhancing the effectiveness of photosynthesis saw tobacco and soybean yield increase by 20% over conventional varieties.

By: Phyllis Coulter || Illinois Farmer Today

Distinguished Senior Research Scientist Lisa A. Ainsworth

USDA's Agricultural Research Service Honors Scientists of the Year

For her outstanding contributions to research on crop responses to global climate change, Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientist Lisa A. Ainsworth is the agency's Distinguished Senior Research Scientist of the Year for 2021.

Professor Steve Long

Improved agricultural technologies could help meet food security and climate change emergencies

A team of scientists proposes transformations to land management and agronomic practices to remove CO2 from the atmosphere and mitigate climate change. 

By: Lancaster University

Professor Susanne von Caemmerer

Professor Susanne von Caemmerer awarded the Suzanne Cory Medal

ARC Centre Deputy Director Professor Susanne von Caemmerer was recently awarded the Inaugural Suzanne Cory Medal by the Australian Academy of Science.

After 2020

After 2020: Thoughts on moving forward in a new era

Professors from the University of Illinois share thoughts on moving forward in a new era in the LAS news magazine. 

By: Dave Evensen || College of Liberal Arts & Sciences  


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Agriculture futurist: Don Ort

Meet Donald (Don) Ort—Robert Emerson Professor at the University of Illinois—whose work is dedicated to increasing yield potential through improving crops' photosynthetic efficiency.

By: Meisha Holloway-Phillips || Plant Physiology

Rice Accenssion IRRI Screenhouse

Flag leaves could help top off photosynthetic performance in rice

A team from the University of Illinois and the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) found that some flag leaves of different varieties of rice transform light and carbon dioxide into carbohydrates better than others.

By: Apple News