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Kamel Chibani

Kamel Chibani

| | University of Essex

Kamel Chibani is a senior research officer at the University of Essex, Colchester. His research focuses on the function of thioredoxin-like proteins in the thiol-redox regulatory network of plants. For the RIPE project, Chibani aims to better understand the impact of the transfer of electron on the photorespiratory bypass.

Chibani earned his bachelor's degree in genetic improvement (tissue culture) at the National Institute of Agriculture and later went on to earn his master's degree in the same discipline at Jordan University. Chibi then earned his doctorate in plant physiology (seed biology) at AgroParisTech University. He worked a postdoctoral researcher in redox regulation network in plants at Umeå Plant Science Centre. Chibani's work has been published in Antioxidants, Biomolecules, PLoS Computational Biology, eLife, and FEBS Letters

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