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Girish Chowdhary

Girish Chowdhary

| | University of Illinois

Girish Chowdhary is an assistant professat at the University of Illinois who is advancing how to design, build, and automate collaborative aerial and ground robotic systems. He advances machine learning and decision-making algorithms to enable drones and ground robots to collaboratively manage agricultural tasks. He is the co-founder of EarthSense, Inc., a start-up company based at Research Park that is developing the TerraSentia phenotyping robot. Read more about his background and career in this faculty profile by the News Bureau. 

Girish earned his bachelor's degree in the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. He went on to earn his master's degree and doctorate from the Georgia Institute of Technology. His work is widely published in journals such as the Journal of Field Robotics, Aerospace Science and Technology, and many others. 

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